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Haydn Shaw has helped managers and organizations raise their generational IQ so they can deal with the multigenerational workforce for over twenty-five years. He is the author of Sticking Points: How to Get 5 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart and the best-selling workshop Leading Across Generations and Working Across Generations. He also writes on generations and leadership for the Huffington Post.

TIME wrote, “Shaw is an expert on cultural differences at the office.” He has spoken to over 100,000 people and worked with more than 1,500 businesses (from Fortune 500 companies to start ups), not-for-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. The results from his long-term organizational development and change projects have been written up in case studies. His simple process helps organizations cut generational turnover, get serious about knowledge transfer before the boomers head out the door, and quit losing sales because they don’t know how to speak the language of their customers.

Hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post, Haydn speaks and consults over 100 days each year to clients who invite him back.

Known for taking groups from hilarity to deep reflection, he combines rich content with use-tomorrow tools. His work makes an impact because he does his homework, customizing each speech so that they drive results. Haydn connects with virtually any group in any industry and brings practical and inspiring examples from the boardroom and the front line.