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When Haydn spoke to our leaders, he got us thinking about generational differences in new ways that help us better attract and empower employees of all generations.”
– Ralph C. Stayer, CEO and owner of Johnsonville Sausage
“Haydn’s presentation on generations contains insights and processes that do indeed work. We’ve had Haydn back many times to teach our managers these tools. I found it so valuable and enjoyable that I invited my wife to come hear his presentation. It will improve your ability to speak the language of other generations at work and in your personal life.”
– Jim Thyen, president and CEO of Kimball International, Inc.
“Haydn’s insight and expertise around the generational differences brought our organization face to face with what happens when these generations come together each day in the workplace. His use of humor helped us challenge our long held beliefs that our generation is the only one that “gets it” and therefore all other generations are “crazy”. He also helped us understand how the events we experience can shape our own view on the world. By exposing us to the different experiences of each generation, he helped us understand the unique synergies that can be created when we work together. To this day, I often hear my management team refer back to ideas or expressions they heard during Haydn’s presentation.”
– Tim Cook, VP of Sales, Eli Lilly
“We had Haydn deliver his “Generations” presentation to our management team. We liked it so much we brought him back to speak to the annual senior leadership conference for other clubs. Haydn had the audience laughing during the presentation because we could see ourselves in it. More importantly, however, it generated a great deal of dialog, both during and after the presentation, on how to properly deal with the many challenges associated with a multi-generational workplace and marketplace.”
– Michael Tully President & CEO, AAA Arizona Inc