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Just Saying … All of Haydn’s speeches are customized. He works with you to understand your audience, your theme and your goals for the presentation. The following titles and contents can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your audience.

Sticking Points: How to Get the 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart

They’re here. For the first time in history, you have four generations in your workplace and five generations as customers. Today you have to understand Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials just to write an email that won’t make someone angry. These generations think differently, vote differently, buy differently, and dress differently. Not understanding these differences creates conflicts and loses sales. You will learn…

  • what the differences are among the generations
  • what sticking points the differences create for organizations, teams, and even families
  • how marketing approaches must change to reach the younger generations
  • what attracts and keeps younger employees
  • how these differences will complicate the mass exodus of the Boomers from the full time workforce over the next decade

This popular session is full of laughter and insight. Come and see yourself, your customers, your people and your future – and walk away with practical ideas and plans for increasing your ability to get things done across the generations.

How to Speak Millennial and Get Better Results Managing All Your Generations

The newest generation – the Millennials (ages 14-34) – are here, and the Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Generation Xers only know one thing: it’s not business as usual. From their multitasking to their smart phones, the text message generation has a different approach. Organizations that figure out how to attract them, adjust to them, and retain them now will jump far ahead of those that ignore them until they make up half the workforce in 10 years.

This presentation will make you laugh, cry, and walk out with use-today ideas. You will learn . . .

  • The secret to understanding Millennials.
  • Why half of the criticisms older generations bring against Millennials are just them being grouchy.
  • The five things the Millennials misunderstand about the older generations and what to do about it.
  • Five ideas you can implement tomorrow to better motivate Millennials.
  • The one conversation Millennials complain their boss is too scared to have.

In the words of a thirty year boomer employee, “Before this presentation, I resented the Millennials for wanting things now that took me years to work for. But now, I understand how different their world was than mine and I can’t wait to understand them better so I can really enjoy working with them. Plus, this had really helped me understand my own kids. I’m going to talk with them differently tonight.”

Stop Losing Half of Your Sales: How to Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials

They’re here. For the first time in history, you have four generations in your workplace and five generations as customers. Today you have to understand Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials just to write an email that won’t make someone angry. These generations think differently, vote differently, buy differently, and dress differently. Not understanding these differences creates conflicts and loses sales:

  • What are the differences between generations?
  • How do we market to the younger generations when they have a different focus than the Boomers did at their age?
  • What issues do the differences create for teams or even families?

This popular session is full of laughter and insight. Come and see yourself, your customers, your colleagues, and your future. In this session you will …

  1. Learn if you “get it.” You’ll discover if you are being unconsciously rude to other generations.
  2. You will understand generational differences so you will know when you are taking another generation’s behavior too personally.
  3. They’ll get specific ideas for how to adjust your approach so you can become a trusted advisor to each of the generations.
Leading Through the 6 Change Reactions: Why Change Stalls and What You Can Do About It (For Leaders, Managers, And Supervisors)

When they announce changes, leaders tell their people that change is now a fact of life. But there is another fact of life: people respond to change in six ways. When leaders and managers ignore the 6 Change Reactions, they make change harder than it needs to be. But you and your leaders can create a change wave rather than struggle to push the change forward.

This humorous, fast paced session presents a breakthrough approach to change. You’ll understand The 6 Change Reactions and…

  • why change programs backfire
  • why trying to help people change is keeping them from changing
  • how to map your team or organization on the 6 Change Reactions curve
  • why many change teams die a slow death after going in circles until the forward thinking people disengage
  • how to set up a team for a quick start
  • how to find and train change sales people who can convince the critical few that will move the change forward
  • how to help the three negative reactors use their negativity to speed things up rather than bog them down
  • how to deal with the one percent hard core resisters so they don’t ruin everything

You’ll never look at your people the same way again, and they will love you for it.

Understanding the 6 Change Reactions: Making Change Faster and Easier for All of Us (For All Employees)

Change may be the new normal but the emotions it creates sure shakes up people. Just as the tsunami kills more people than the actual earthquake, people’s emotional reactions to change cause more problems than the change itself. This humorous presentation will help your people identify how they and their team mates or customers respond to change. Since people respond to change differently, understanding The 6 Change Reactions will help them ride the change wave and to…

  • improve their change readiness
  • adjust to change with less frustration
  • avoid conflicts
  • increase their change skills
  • avoid the three ways they could get trapped in negative change emotions
  • find their own personal change resources
  • disarm their “Light Eater” colleagues, the most dangerous of the change resistors

This fast-paced presentation goes beyond understanding and gives your people a practical approach for dealing with each of The 6 Change Reactions. They’ll have new tools for helping their team members and customers move through the change wave. In addition, the presentation accelerates change by neutralizing your most resistant people in a way that will have everyone laughing.

This presentation helps you speed up change by helping your people keep moving forward. They will never look at change or each other the same way again.

Finding Darth Vader: Deal with the Light Eaters and Your Negativity Problems Go Away (For leaders, managers, and supervisors)

Negative and resistant people can be helpful, irritating or dangerous. But most leaders (and coworkers) lump negatively-oriented employees together and treat them the same. That is a big mistake. Managers make things worse by the way they lead negative employees: they engage the helpful negative people too late and too long, intensify the irritating negative people by ignoring them, and strengthen the dangerous negative people by fighting them. As a result, the crabby people win, and their influence pulls down the rest of the team or organization.

This presentation uses laughter and unforgettable metaphors to teach leaders and coworkers how to tell the difference among the three types of negative employees — the Hound Dogs, the Yippers and Yappers, and the Light Eaters. It also provides simple and practical answers to the most popular questions hundreds of leaders have asked about turning negative situations around:

  • How can we keep negative people from taking over our team?
  • How can we identify the helpful negative employees (and keep them from killing innovation)?
  • How can we help negative people use their negativity to speed things up rather than bog them down?
  • How can we separate the dangerously negative people from the merely irritating?
  • How can associates help their managers deal with the dangerous “Light Eaters?”
  • How can we turn around positive people who are becoming negative?
  • How can we raise the performance of everyone on the team?

Get beyond the negativity and help your team have fun and get more done.

Increase Your Leadership by 20% in Four Weeks by Unplugging the Vacuums


When Haydn spoke to our leaders, he got us thinking about generational differences in new ways that help us better attract and empower employees of all generations.”
– Ralph C. Stayer, CEO and owner of Johnsonville Sausage
“Haydn’s presentation on generations contains insights and processes that do indeed work. We’ve had Haydn back many times to teach our managers these tools. I found it so valuable and enjoyable that I invited my wife to come hear his presentation. It will improve your ability to speak the language of other generations at work and in your personal life.”
– Jim Thyen, president and CEO of Kimball International, Inc.


“Haydn’s insight and expertise around the generational differences brought our organization face to face with what happens when these generations come together each day in the workplace. His use of humor helped us challenge our long held beliefs that our generation is the only one that “gets it” and therefore all other generations are “crazy”. He also helped us understand how the events we experience can shape our own view on the world. By exposing us to the different experiences of each generation, he helped us understand the unique synergies that can be created when we work together. To this day, I often hear my management team refer back to ideas or expressions they heard during Haydn’s presentation.”
– Tim Cook, VP of Sales, Eli Lilly


“We had Haydn deliver his “Generations” presentation to our management team. We liked it so much we brought him back to speak to the annual senior leadership conference for other clubs. Haydn had the audience laughing during the presentation because we could see ourselves in it. More importantly, however, it generated a great deal of dialog, both during and after the presentation, on how to properly deal with the many challenges associated with a multi-generational workplace and marketplace.”
– Michael Tully President & CEO, AAA Arizona Inc



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